Hear From My Clients

There are 2 main strategies for getting people to like you. One is to mold yourself to their expectations, to pretend to be exactly the type of person you think they’ll like. And then there’s Herman Chan’s strategy: to be yourself, 100%, and focus on building relationships with people who like you for who you really are. It’s a strategy that’s worked out well for Chan, who’s brokered over half a billion dollars’ worth of property throughout his career and finished 2018 as the top producing agent at Golden Gate Sotheby’s International Realty.
California Real Estate Magazine
Friday, April 5, 2019
Seriously Herman and his team are dream boats. I'm cynical in that I think most modern realtors are armed with technology to be responsive and pretty connected but Herman doesn't sleep and is a supreme advisor to boot. He's been around the block and is an expert in the field. We relied heavily on him as an advisor all along the way, which is why we will always work with him.
Brett and Corinna | Tech Sales and Celebrity Hair Stylist
Saturday, February 16, 2019
Herman was great to work with. Professional and knowledgeable. Great communication and always available. Coordinated perfect photos and inspections quickly and at our convenience. We interviewed 3 top realtors and loved the enthusiasm and energy Herman brought to the sale. Herman is well connected in the area and brought many potential buyers to see our property immediately
Ginger H | Retired
Sunday, December 9, 2018
Herman Chan is a stellar realtor. There are some times in life when you have to drop everything and acknowledge excellence. It's my pleasure to write a review for Herman because he did a phenomenal job for us. Everything he does is top flight. Herman came in and presented a plan that got our attention and made it easy to thank the other agents we spoke with. It's clear that he knows the market, the buying trends, pricing strategies, and most importantly how to correctly market a property to drive interest. Herman sold our house in 6 days. We received multiple offers after having over 90 people to our open house weekend.
Adam G | VMWare (Oakland)
Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Other realtors told us it would take 2-3 months to sell the house. To say we were impressed is putting it mildly. The photos and videos were absolutely world class. Herman brought in a photographer who did all the still work, drone photography, and he used a Matterport to build a 3D walk through video model. And then he marketed our house like crazy - which resulted in us getting acknowledged as "property of the week" and a lot of eyeballs were on our property. You will pay a little more - but Herman is worth it as we would not have gotten the price we received without his efforts. And he didn't stop looking after us after the offer was accepted. He was there with us every step of the way until escrow closed. He advocated for us at every turn. Herman is an outstanding agent, and we highly highly highly recommend him. And he is a super nice guy and very enjoyable to spend time with.
C. Greenspan | Financial Services (Berkeley)
Monday, June 25, 2018
Herman knew how to negotiate and actually managed to get us a great deal on our home, despite this being a total seller's market these days! (He's a miracle worker!) When issues popped up with the house as we got close to closing, Herman was quick to meet with plumbers, spend days of his time making sure everything was taken care of and perfect before our move in. Herman is a totally handsome, super dapper and suave man but he isn't afraid to wade through the mud (literally) to make sure sewer-lateral and other work is in compliance for his clients! Omg we could never have gotten to closing without Herman going above-and-beyond for us!!
Aubrey and Brian | Google Engineer and Psychologist
Thursday, May 31, 2018